Arena MaxLife B Solid Jammer JR-Navy

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Make swim practice easier for your young one with a hydrodynamic boys’ swimsuit.

Arena’s Solid jammers are a polished design for training and frequent swimming. Solid-hued with a single contrasting logo on the waistline, it’s the perfect style for swim teams and athletes.


Fast-drying MaxLife fabric can withstand whatever your kids can throw at it. No matter how hard they swim, it never pills, fades or loses its shape. Arena made this fabric strong enough to stand up to chlorine but soft enough for young skin.


These Jammers for boys reduce water resistance for even faster swimming. This suit measures 36 cm, covering your daredevil from mid-waist to just above the knee. Equipped with an inner drawstring for a personalized fit and front lining for no see-through.


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